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Rethinking investments; we are unconstrained, looking beyond labels and seeking to translate the complex into the simple


Portfolio management

We provide outcome orientated solutions – income and inflation – as well as specialist portfolios including; sustainable, passive and low beta mandates. We are global in our thinking, unconstrained, with no strategic asset allocation – we don’t have to own things we don’t like. Our custodian offers a gearing facility secured against portfolios.


Our tax and quarterly valuations are clear, written in plain English and include contribution analysis, capital changes and income. They are available digitally – including all historical reports – and in print. The Portal provides a secure, single point of access for valuations and transaction history.


The shared personal values of the five founders form the foundations of our business and guide the way we treat our clients. Work is part of life; we don’t leave our core values at home, instead they inspire the integrity and fairness central to Affinity.

We aim to;

Act in our clients' best interests at all times

Be transparent, caring and responsive

Think creatively and be solution orientated

Make our clients' lives simpler


We are thought leaders, combining a passion to deliver investment returns with a clear focus on managing risk, which we treat as a choice, never a fate.

In house expertise, via a highly accessible team, who work collaboratively with trustees.