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Who do you trust?

Private clients are often told that choosing (or changing) their trustee is like choosing their doctor – do it rarely and only after very careful consideration. Recently this advice has been equally true for me. Earlier this year I had to make a decision about my future; stay with the firm which had acquired the trust company I worked for, or seek out alternatives. I too prefer to move rarely and then only after considering all options. After much deliberation I decided to find a new home.

But what was I looking for? Much like any client, I wanted to find a company which "ticked all the boxes". One where I could form a long term partnership with like minded people, who have clear focus, commitment and who are genuinely interested in me. I also want to work with colleagues who are experienced, professionally qualified and that I know have a formidable track record. People passionate about their roles, take pride in their work and have an active, direct, hands-on relationship with clients and their advisors. I was also looking for a firm which had a significant time horizon, which is privately owned and truly independent. Most importantly, I wanted a firm which is open, honest and engaging… I believe I have found that place.

"Its all about relationships" – was the advice I remember when I started my career in finance some 30 years ago. Only four words, but words that are probably more important now than ever before. The choice of trustee is a crucial decision for everyone concerned, as it will be a relationship that will endure through generations. The factors that led me to choose Affinity are most probably the same attributes many people are looking for but rarely find. Affinity provides what I believe are the core essentials for a solid, personal working relationship and a long-term partnership based on trust.