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Instead of Language, We Have Jargon

The finance industry loves its jargon; e.g. a 6% fall in NPLs to SMEs has boosted EBITDA and ROE. The Plain English Campaign - fighting for crystal clear communication since 1979 - has a dedicated section on its website giving examples of financial and pensions jargon which are, quite frankly, embarrassing for all of us working in this field. One of our colleagues attended the Financial Times Family Office Forum last week and Lucy Kellaway, the paper’s associate editor, gave a keynote address that chastised the industry for its jargon and tendency to use "management speak". Phrases like ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘can we go open kimono on this?’ and ‘our quest is to be curators of your wealth’ do nothing but alienate and frustrate. Mindful of this, from the outset, Affinity has strived to ensure our communications are clear, concise and jargon-free.

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