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The seven year itch

We have all heard of the seven year itch; a widely accepted phenomenon based on the belief many couples start to lose interest in each other around the seven-year mark. Why this should occur is open to debate and numerous theories have been presented by experts to help us understand why some relationships can suffer this trait. Whether it be the pressure of bringing up children, some kind of biological trigger that has evolved from our hunter-gatherer days, or simply a result of those tolerable habits becoming – well – intolerable, partners separate. As we know, individuals can leave one another on friendly terms, perhaps through a ‘conscious uncoupling’ using the phrase coined by Chris and Gywneth, or the relationship, sadly, terminates in a volatile and emotionally scarring manner.

We have been pondering the seven year itch in recent weeks. Not, we are pleased to say, in terms of our own relationships – indeed, one of us celebrates 20 years of marriage this year – but the relationship between financial markets and central banks (CBs).

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