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The future is more unpredictable than many appreciate

As we head into the last few weeks of 2014, we wanted to close the year with our Views from the Desk. One of the highlights of our role is the opportunities we have to meet and spend time with interesting and inspiring people. This takes various forms, but at this time of the year we are fortunate to be invited to social events which combine work with pleasure. We enjoyed one such evening a few days ago when we sat at dinner with Dr Dan Mahoney, who co-manages the Polar Healthcare Opportunities Fund. He had recently returned from San Diego, California having attended the Exponential Medicine Conference hosted by the Singularity University and this was the main topic of conversation. Dr Dan was able to provide a glimpse into the medical world of the future and it was clear he had been enthused by many of the topics discussed. We could only marvel at some of the breakthroughs being made ranging from the 3D printing of organs to facilitate the testing of new drugs; to robots performing complex surgical procedures that are not humanly possible.

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