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The Bridge, Bonds and Bacteria

Last week we were able to take advantage of two very different invitations from separate fund managers. The first was to participate in a charity 5-a-side football tournament held at Stamford Bridge - home to Premier League Champions, Chelsea - and the second to attend an investment conference hosted in London by a US headquartered fund management group. Dealing with the football event first, we are pleased to report none of the members of Team Affinity sustained injuries which - given the age of half the players was double that of the average footballer - was a triumph in itself. A sterling effort saw Affinity qualify for the quarter-finals at which point teamwork, energy and enthusiasm were no match for an opposition that could actually play football and we lost. Nevertheless, we left with our heads held high and stories now abound in the office of unlucky misses, left-footed screamers into the top corner and dribbling skills which 'would have, could have, should have' seen any of the team make it as a professional. (For any onlookers on the day, they would have seen, very clearly, why we have the day jobs we do!)

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