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The A(ristotle) B(latter) C(onficus) of ESG

Our June edition of VFTD - The Bridge, Bonds and Bacteria - focused on many of the reasons we attend investment conferences. These include the opportunity to listen to speakers from outside the finance industry who, given their external perspective, periodically raise issues which prompt us to, figuratively, stop and reflect. We had one such moment a few weeks back when the philosopher and author, Tony Wilkinson, delivered a presentation titled 'What place do moral values have in asset management?' He took the audience on an educational journey from Aristotle - and the central goal of leading a happy life - through to Confucius and the doctrine of 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. As thought provoking as this was, it was his comments around how each of us has a set of core values we adhere to and the importance of applying these in both our personal and professional lives which struck a chord.

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