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Shakespeare in the Twittersphere

As many will be aware, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday in April and the institution that is the British Monarchy smoothly slipped into gear producing a wave of pomp and pageantry to celebrate the occasion. Media highlights were many and varied, ranging from the lighting of 1,000 beacons across the country, to lunch with President Obama at Windsor Castle. Blanket coverage meant the most ardent Royalists could watch and listen to these celebrations wherever they were in the world. Indeed, this monarch’s reign has coincided with a period in history where huge technological progress has enabled her every move and word spoken in public (and occasionally private) to be accessed by those interested. From the Queen’s coronation in 1953 being televised and also filmed in, what was then, experimental 3D; her first email sent in 1976; through to her first YouTube video in 2007 - science and technology have created powerful platforms to promote the royal message. This opportunity has not always been available to the monarchy, yet we are able to look back to the scientific breakthrough that started it all.

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