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Now Hold, Breathe and Flex...

As we tick into February, how many of us are reflecting on our New Year's resolutions only to admit we have fallen short of the goals we had so enthusiastically set? For many of us, doing more exercise, or eating healthily or losing weight feature at the top of our "to do" lists, only for the January blues to test our resolve to the extent that we all too easily fall off the well-intentioned wagon. To assist there are a raft of self-help books, websites and blogs all designed to maintain our motivation in the pursuit of making good on our resolutions. One such source of wisdom we recently read recommended taking up an "alternative" sport or form of exercise which you had never tried before. Cheese Rolling, Wife Carrying and Bog Snorkeling can surely only appeal to the eccentric few and Underwater Hockey, aka Octopush, seems to us as unappealing as competing in the annual Man v Horse Marathon which starts every year outside the Neuadd Arms in Llanwryted Wells, Wales. (Officially the smallest town in Britain, for those of you who are interested.)

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