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Moving up in the world…

As a result of the very healthy growth at Affinity Private Wealth, we are delighted to announce the arrival of three new team members. Alyssia Johnson has joined Affinity Trust as a Trust Administrator and Ellis Turmel has taken the role of Operations Analyst in our investment business. Both Alyssia and Ellis are recent graduates - in International Financial Services and Economics & Politics respectively. The final new starter is Chris Woodward, who is an Associate taking a broad front office role across the Affinity group. Chris joins from Aon and is a law graduate.

It seems that three is the magic number for Affinity. We have been in our existing office for three years but with our latest three staff joiners we have had to find a new home. We have secured the first floor office in our existing building, which is three times the size of our current one. We remain centrally located in St Helier, in Jersey’s main financial area of the Esplanade with the same address - 24 Seale Street - and of course the phone numbers and emails are unaffected. We move in on 31st July 2014. Please bear with us during a period of minor disruption and, if you are in the area, do pop in to see us.