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'It's Been Emotional' (But Captain, That is Illogical)

So said Big Chris (Vinnie Jones) in one of the closing scenes of the iconic, London-based gangster movie ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ (the emotional bit, not the illogical bit – all will be revealed later). We are not shy in saying February has proved to be an emotional month for members of the Affinity investment team too. An industrial dispute between the management and workers of the local ferry company threatened to severely disrupt the school half term holiday plans for us and many other islanders. Having to cancel visits to family and friends in the UK or a rendezvous with the pistes in the Alps looked like becoming a reality, leading – as you can guess – to emotions running high across numerous offices and households alike. Thankfully, common sense prevailed at the ferry company and families relying on its services were able to escape for their half term break.

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