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From The World Is Not Enough to Does The World Have Enough?

We are all James Bond fans in our office. The recent release of Skyfall has prompted us to debate our favourite film - The Spy Who Loved Me? Casino Royale?; our favourite James - a tie between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig; and our favourite car - unanimously the silver Aston Martin DB5. The discussion regarding our favourite Bond villain resulted in far less agreement, with votes for Goldfinger, Scaramanga, Blofeld and Jaws. As to our preferred Bond girl, such conversations were not allowed (!), but we did spend time debating female Bond villains and concluded there are only two; Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love, retractable daggers in her shoes) and Elektra King in the World Is Not Enough. You may recall the climax of the latter film involves the attempt to trigger a nuclear explosion in the Bosphorous Strait, just off the coast of Instanbul, thus blocking the shipping route for Caspian Sea petroleum. The result would have been a world reliant on oil transported via the only other viable alternative: Elektra King’s pipeline through the Caucuses. In other words, a world held to ransom over access to oil, with devastating macroeconomic consequences.

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